Your observation of the direction taken by those two mentioned threads is duly noted. I would agree that they should have been kept on topic.

But I am really perplexed by your apparent attitude and/or perception of this matter. For example, "Nevertheless I apologize for posting this and wasting anyones time on our way unto a never ending eternity."... pray tell what is THAT all about? Why would you apologize for noting that several threads went off topic and the Staff failed to reel them in? And, if you really believe that your concern about topics being kept on topic is a waste of everyone's time, then why post it at all? We certainly don't consider such concerns a "waste of time".

As I stated in my previous reply, you will get our (Staff) attention much better by using the "Notify" feature and sending whatever message you think needs our attention rather than posting in the HELP Forum. grin

Thanks for your input.

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simul iustus et peccator

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