Hi MrDon, I don't think that human freedom can be defined as the absence of outside influences, since men were created to be in a relationship with the Trinity.

If we are truly "partakers in the divine nature", then we must partake in God's freedom. Cf. 2 Pt 1:4.

Here is something the Council of Trent said about human freedom:

[CCC#1993] Justification establishes cooperation between God's grace and man's freedom. On man's part it is expressed by the assent of faith to the Word of God, which invites him to conversion, and in the cooperation of charity with the prompting of the Holy Spirit who precedes and preserves his assent: When God touches man's heart through the illumination of the Holy Spirit, man himself is not inactive while receiving that inspiration, since he could reject it; and yet, without God's grace, he cannot by his own free will move himself toward justice in God's sight.42

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