The funniest thing about a Calvinist evangelist is the fact that he or she will spread the gospel and end the sales pitch as if some kind of decision could or should be made. Again, all decisions are made by God, so to assume the person being evangelized has the ability to respond or make some kind of choice is absurd....according to Calvinism.

Sorry, Mike, you've got it wrong. Calvinists don't deny that men have wills with the ability to make decisions. What Calvinists deny is that men have wills that are equally free to choose good as to choose evil. The Lord has ordained means by which He draws His elect unto Himself, & one such means is the indiscriminate preaching of the gospel. The Holy Spirit changes the heart such that the elect will hear & receive the gospel news, and in the hour in which the Spirit does this work in them, the elect will choose to repent & serve God. Those whose hearts the Spirit does not change will be hardened against the truth; they will choose to remain in bondage to sin. It is the Spirit's act of regeneration which is the turning point from spiritual death to spiritual life. Those who are spiritually dead cannot help but remain dead and will walk in the manner of dead men apart from the Spirit's work.


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.