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Hi Kyle,

"Those whose hearts the Spirit does not change will be hardened against the truth; they will choose to remain in bondage to sin."

Can you please read this again, slowly. Read it one more time. Better yet, let someone who is not involved in these little debates read it - i.e. someone with an unprejudiced mind (hey, I'm prejudiced, too. I think Calvinism leads to insanity).

This is where Calvinism leads - the end of thought.

Perhaps Chesterton had it right - religion has had a secondary function throughout time, and that is the defense of a man's right to think for himself.

I'm serious, though. Can you please print this off, and read your sentence to someone. I'm curious to find out what they think.

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I have said it to many, many people, Mike, and you are not the first to react with disbelief. There is no such thing as an "unprejudiced" mind. But pray tell, what it is that you find so unbelieveable about the statement?


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.