I have yet to see even one reply from you that actually dealt with what others have said to you. What you have done is try (maybe unintentionally, I don’t know?) to distract away from what has actually been said.
That kind of conversation gets no where fast and doesn't contribute to a fruitful conversation.

I am not telling you have to agree with us, but for the sake of fruitful conversation, deal specifically to the conversation at hand, before moving on.

Are you aware that John Wesley the famous Arminian believed in Total Depravity?
Like Calvinists, he believed because of man's sinful nature he will never choose to believe. However, to get around that he believed in what is referred to as Prevenient Grace (I think that is what it is called), which basically means that God opens All men's hearts for a time, that makes it possible that they will use their free-will to come to Christ.

Although I see nothing in Scripture that God gives every man prevenient grace to believe; At least Wesley recognized that if man could indeed choose to believe on his own terms, salvation could not be all of God. It would be God +man= salvation.

By the way, Calvinists (I am beginning to hate that term) is just an unfortunate nickname. It does not mean that we are followers of John Calvin. Most of us who are known as Calvinists have a lot of respect for the man, mainly because of his works such as his Institute for Christian Living and a few other things. But no Calvinist that I am aware of is a follower of Calvin the man. We are quite aware that all of us have feet of clay.
Are you a follower of Jacob Arminius?