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Yes, if I simply mature a bit, then I'll begin to understand that I have no free will.

Sorry, as long as God gives me the ability to reason, I'll keep thinking, praying, and testing the spirits. I feel sorry for you, Tom, because you've obviously been taken captive by a philosophy that is superficially unpopular for a reason - it's wrong.

Who said anything about giving up the ability to keep thinking, praying, and testing the spirits?

In fact, it was only after I really started to do those very things, rather than just accept what I had been taught, that I slowly began to see the truth of Calvinism.

I haven't read one thing in what you have said that proves that Calvinism is wrong.
Until then, I would rather believe in something that many don’t like, than believe something that both my heart and head believe is error.

By the way, one of the reasons why Calvinism is unpopular is because most people haven’t taken the time to check what Calvinists actually teach.
One of the most common accusations against Calvinists; is that they believe in a God who is the author of sin. Although in a way, this is fairly understandable, if they actually took the time to study what we actually believe, they would see that this isn’t the case at all. On that note, I have even heard a few honest Arminians who have acknowledged this.

Another reason is that most can't stand the insult to their pride. Yes, pride was something I had to fight against to believe in what Calvinism taught.