Are you acknowleding that Calvinism teaches God is the author of sin? I'm not sure I understand this last point: you say Arminians (honest ones) acknowledge this. Acknowledge what?

"One of the most common accusations against Calvinists; is that they believe in a God who is the author of sin. Although in a way, this is fairly understandable, if they actually took the time to study what we actually believe, they would see that this isn’t the case at all. On that note, I have even heard a few honest Arminians who have acknowledged this."

If this is an admission, you're the first I've heard to make it. I guess that makes you an honest Calvinist!

But if misunderstood you, I still have to ask: If God didn't create sin, who did? The common accusation exists because it's very logical to point the finger at God, given the basic assumptions of Calvinism.