"Man basic elements consist of mind, emotions and will. The intellect (mind) and emotions (desires) are what determine what the will does. The will is not an autonomous element that does what it wants especially anything contrary to the intellect and/or the desires. This is a popular misunderstanding."

I don't think so. These are concepts that you can't simply find by dissecting a human specimen. You don't open up a man, and say, "Oh, there is his pancreas, there is his liver, oh and there's his will."

So please forgive me if I don't exactly agree with your picture of man.

I disagree based on the very definition of will! The will is a will, because it is something SEPARATE from mind and appetite.

What you've written here is simply doesn't make sense. If mind and emotions determine will, then will doesn't exist!

It would be like saying, "The legislative and executive branches of American govnt determine all the judicial branch does." If that were the case, what would be the point of a judicial branch in the first place!

The will is INFLUENCED by logic and emotion. It is not determined at all.

So let me recap: you think man is composed of 3 "elements", which are mind, emotions, and will, the last of which is a "ludicrous idea" that is not "autonomous".

Then why say man is composed of this element?

What is your no-kidding definition of will? I understand you think it is determined by the other two, but what *is* it?

I think that in trying to define it, you'll end up defining it away, which again is begging the question about including it in the first place. I could be wrong, I'm interested to see how you do it.