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Are you acknowleding that Calvinism teaches God is the author of sin? I'm not sure I understand this last point: you say Arminians (honest ones) acknowledge this. Acknowledge what?

"One of the most common accusations against Calvinists; is that they believe in a God who is the author of sin. Although in a way, this is fairly understandable, if they actually took the time to study what we actually believe, they would see that this isn’t the case at all. On that note, I have even heard a few honest Arminians who have acknowledged this."

If this is an admission, you're the first I've heard to make it. I guess that makes you an honest Calvinist!

But if misunderstood you, I still have to ask: If God didn't create sin, who did? The common accusation exists because it's very logical to point the finger at God, given the basic assumptions of Calvinism.



You either haven't taken the time to carefully read what Tom actually said, or you've willfully miscontrued it. It is clear that Tom is saying that Calvinists are frequently accused of believing that God is the author of sin, but it is untrue that Calvinists believe this, and honest Arminians admit that Calvinists do not believe that God is the author of sin.

God did not create sin. Satan was the first being to sin, and Satan, like Adam soon after, sinned willfully without compulsion & without the implantation by God of any sinful desire.


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.