Kyle wrote that men choose to remain in sin. You wrote that no one is forced to choose anything other than what they desire to do.

If our natures are determined by God, we don't choose to remain in them.

If what we desire is determined by our natures, which again are determined by God, then our desires are not free.

So I think asking where our nature came from is very topical to a discussion on free will.

Let me spell it out even further.

So God decreed the Fall. He foreordained it. (Yes, that is what Calvin wrote, thank you for admitting this.)

Since he foreordained the Fall, Adam was determined to disobey Him.

Okay, so this is how it relates to the topic, which is free will:

You believe we have freedom to choose as determined by our nature.

I questioned this, and suspected our natures were also determined, according to Calvinism.

Now, if God foredordained the Fall, and our sinful nature came about through the Fall, then God foreordained our sinful nature.

God foreordained our nature, which determines our choices, which means none of them are free in any sense of the word.

So believing we have freedom to choose according to our nature isn't compatible with Calvinism, which teaches that even our natures were determined by God.

And believing our desires are freely chosen or followed within our nature is also untenable.