John, thanks for the response. That is definitely an interesting way of looking at things.

I'm glad we agree that Adam had free will.

"In other words, traditional Calvinists believe in a free will, and they believe that Adam's fall was a robustly free decision. They also, however, believe that God decreed this robustly free fall in a way that is compatible with this robust freedom."

I don't know what you mean by "robustly free decision." How is this different than a free decision?

You realize that some here, like Pilgrim, don't believe in free will at all. They don't even believe that God has free will, because God is not free to sin.

In response to your scenario, I agree with you that God knows all things. But I don't believe we have any evidence that there were infinite worlds up for the choosing, and that one of them involved what you call a "No-Fall" universe.

It may very well be that Adam fell, in all of them. But it's speculative to assume there were other ones at all.

This is the universe we live in, and as far as we know there isn't another one with radio-controlled humans with antlers.

So it was a fact that God foreknew the Fall; I don't think it's safe to say it's a fact that he foreordained it.