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As it turns out, I think we (that is, you and I) agree, but you just hate the philosophical jargin. Here's a question that should help us:

Relative to God's power, is it impossible for God to have created a world where humans have antlers?
1. It's not so much the "philosophical jargon" I object to but rather the content and the implications of what that jargon is suggesting. It mitigates against the being and nature of God as He has revealed himself. (off-topic)

2. I cannot bifurcate God's sovereignty (power) from His other attributes; the simplicity of God, although we can distinguish their differences. However, God's sovereignty does not function independently of His other incommunicable attributes. Thus to answer your question, I would have to say, "No!" it not possible for God to have created a world where humans have antlers. God created man after His own image (imago dei), the pinnacle of His creation. Therefore, man as created was perfect in that he reflected God perfectly as God had purposed that he should. Anything less would be imperfect and that is antithetical to the very nature of God. Again, I reject any and all propositions that suggest that God contemplated an infinite number of other "worlds" or "universes". All that God created was a perfect reflection of His being and glory.

3. The question is akin to asking: "Is it possible that God could create a rock so heavy that even He couldn't lift it?" [Linked Image]

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