[I've asked this question more than once and I shall have to ask again. Where did God's "foreknowledge" (prescience) originate? You firmly reject the view that says that God's foreknowledge necessary follows foreordination (eternal decree(s)). So, how did God foreknow what to ordain? This, de facto of course, denies the very word "predestination" found in Scripture for it turns it upon its head to become, "postdestination"?]

Where did the aspect of God we call foreknowledge originate? Um, God didn't originate, so neither did his abilities?

How did God foreknow what to ordain? Because he....has foreknowledge?

I really don't know how to answer these. We agree God has foreknowledge. We agree that he foreordains things. Romans 8:29 clearly separates the two, and places foreknowledge as the basis for predestination.

Do you not see this in Romans 8:29?