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I really don't think God has to have absolute control over every aspect of the universe to know what it will do.

He is also omniscient.
1. If God is not in total control of everything then it is impossible that He is omniscient. Think about it! wink

2. If God is not in total control of everything, i.e., He has not decreed ALL THINGS and providentially controls ALL THINGS, then nothing can be said to be sure. I have replied elsewhere with several proofs including a number of biblical references, good and necessary consequence and even including an ancient poem, all which show the vanity of denying one of the fundamental elements which define deity from the biblical perspective.

3. Bottom line: if you deny that God has decreed all things and providentially governs all things, then all you have left is the philosophy of Atheism where the universe is subject to chance. Personally, that is not an option for me.

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