[If God is not in total control of everything then it is impossible that He is omniscient. Think about it!]

I'm sorry, but the belief that God is even in absolute control of everything seems to come from Calvinism, and not Scripture.

Where in scripture do we find the phrase "absolute control"? We find sovereignty - and kings are sovereign.

Absolute control is not the fare of kings, but of tyrannical dictators. God is sovereign, not absolutely sovereign, as it's sometimes put.

And foreknowledge redefined as fore-love seems quite a stretch to me. Sorry, but I really don't think anyone would find that convincing were they not committed to re-defining basic terms of scripture in order to back up or remove obstacles to their theology.

We've been going back and forth on this foreknowledge issue, and I thank you for the links to Pink and others. I'll probably take a look.