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Happily, the possible world approach doesn't suggest that there was a reality that existed independent of God. If you would have read any of my explanations of how I am using the expression 'possible world', you will have seen that the position I have suggested does not even come close to endorsing the silly ideas that you have used to characterize it.


I am merely repeating Plantinga's argument as best I can. If you find his ideas silly, I can't say I blame you! But I don't believe I've made any comment so far one way or the other regarding your use of "possible worlds." From what you've written thus far, I would say that in essence I agree with you, with the stipulation that these "possible worlds" be understood strictly as logical possibilities in light of God's omnipotence & not as anything which God actually considered before deciding to create the world - to which stipulation I believe you have already assented.

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I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.