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One wonders where God got His foreknowledge if not from His foreordaining all things. Surely God is the one who creates & directs the future - how did He get a view of it without Himself determining what it would be?

Romans 8:29 says God has foreknowledge. Do you need any other evidence?

Deal with the actual argument, Mike. Two items have been presented to you: 1) the meaning of foreknowledge in Rom. 8:29 is not bare prescience, for the objects of God's foreknowledge are persons & not merely their actions (you have yet to read A. W. Pink's article on this subject - I strongly suggest you do so); 2) God cannot have infallible knowledge of the future without Himself having determined the future, or else you posit that the future exists independently of God & thus deny God His omnipotence.

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I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.