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My original question is this-"are there not some things that we cannot understand down here that we just have to chalk up to faith that God is all loving and all merciful. What seems unfathomable to my finite mind is fully justified in Gods infinite sight.

I agree with you. But God's love and mercy are only 2 of his attributes.

Many in the mainstream Christian community highlight these 2 attributes abouve all else. I think of Billy Graham, who simply proclaims 'God Loves You!' He has taken it to such an extreme that he believes people from other religions, as long as the are loyal to their own religion, will be saved, regardless of a rejection of Jesus Christ.

RC Sproul has a good book called the 'Holiness of God.' I think AW Pink and others also wrote books on God's attributes.

Peace to you Rachel!


The mercy of God is necessary not only when a person repents, but even to lead him to repent, Augustine