you know when I first was introduced to this doctrine( on the radio actually) I was blown away with wonder and the thought could this be? You see my fear was always- ME! If I chose God couldn't I "unchoose " God? Such a terrifying thought! It haunted my every day. Now if HE chose me then I can rejoice in a way no free-will believing person ever can. Not that I want to run out and sin, quite the contrary. If He chose me I want more than ever to love and please Him every minute. This is all so extraordinary and revolutionary to me. I know I have seen many scriptures to support this view but listening for years to preaching denying this doctrine made me doubtany hopes of such a truth. If this is true and I am believing more and more it is- why would anyone fight such a wonderful thing. Why wouldn't every christian every where want to learn and believe something so wonderous?