Dear Rachel:

The Bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. The answer to your fear is not a false doctrine to confort yourself with, but truth mixed with FAITH. The idea that you now can't "unchoose" God is so obviously false that you know it within yourself. That is the root of your fear--you know you have a will and you know you can choose other that what you do.

This is why we are taught to submit to God and resist the devil. What is this submitting if you can't choose? James told Christians to submit to God. Obviously, they could do otherwise. So can you.

The beauty of this and what glorifies the Lord is when believers prefer Him to the Devil or temptation. When the demons see people, surrounded by temptation, prefer and cling to the Lord instead, this brings God great glory! God surely is preferrable to this world and is glorified when men like Moses choose God over Pharoah and his enticements.

Free-will is a Bible term and concept. Whosever will is invited to come to Christ by the Holy Spirit. You are commanded to abide in Christ, and He will abide in you. His yoke is EASY, and His burden LIGHT. Do you believe this? You can abide in Christ because you were created to walk with your God. It is natural.