You are wrong on many counts. Freedom is defined by a Calvinist in a way found NOWHERE IN THE KNOWN WORLD! It is an artificial construct to suit their inherently contradictory doctrine. It is man-made to save Calvinism not only from Biblical refutation, but from logical and rational refutation as well. Calvinism shipwrecks at the bar of Scripture, logic and reason, three gifts from God that expose the folly of men and religious falsehoods.

I said freewill is a Bible term. You asked for proof. I gave over a dozen references. Why is this a "joke" to you? Well, obviously because you can't answer. You asked for proof that freewill is a Bible term, as if it wasn't, and then when I give all those Scriptures, you ask if it is a joke? CHECK-MATE friend. I went further and listed the places God references man's VOLUNTARY WILL in COMING TO HIM. CHECK MATE.

Notice this line of argument from Pilgrim:

2) Your example of the crippled child is irrelevant because it is not illustrative of the truth about man's fallen condition. All men are guilty before God and have inherited a corruption of nature because they sinned in Adam and this is the just punishment which we ALL received (Rom 5:12-18; 1Cor 15:21,22; Eph 2:1-5). The child didn't choose to be crippled, assuming that it was born in that condition. But the sinful nature which all men have they did will to have in Adam, according to the Scriptures, and were consequently punished for it. Thus their inability is due to their own doing.

The above would be laughable if it weren't for the fact that some Christians actually believe this foppery. All people not yet born, not yet even existing "choose" to have a sinful nature that would make sure they couldn't believe and went to Hell??? How can non-existent non-beings "choose" anything??? And I thought GOD CHOSE? How is it these non-existent, non-sinful phantoms can choose anything, apart from God and then get blamed for it? Well...this is the problem of living in the Calvinist fantasy land of illogic, irrationality and delusion.

Further, my illustration fits Calvinism TO A "TEE". The fact of the matter is you claim men are born morally crippled and UNABLE to believe. So God COMMANDS THEM to believe, knowing they were born in this crippled condition and then punishes them for not uncrippling themselves! OH YES that is EXACTLY what you believe, minus all the flowery rhetoric and non-sense "explanations". The idea that people choose to have a nature that would damn them, that would incapacitate them from having heaven instead--the idea that they did this when THEY DID NOT EXIST is one is the stupidest things the depraved mind of man could utter to save the lie he chooses to believe in.

In Calvinism, God beats and punishes a cripple for not being able to walk. Further, God has the ability to heal the cripple so she can walk. But God "sovereignly" chooses not to, but BEATS THE CHILD FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER for her "crime". Yes, that is the "god" of Calvinism, and that is the "criminal justice system" of Calvinism. And when this is laid out in bare fashion, stripped of all its highsounding religious and pious talking fiction, immediatley the Calvinst recoils and tries TO DENY the ugly truth about what he REALLY believes. Very few Calvinists can bear the truth of what they believe when it is exposed in the open.

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