You said to mix "truth with faith". Ok where do I get that faith? I don't have it in me, it is the gift of God. I was an agnostic jew, I cried out to God when I never even knew His name. Did I just have that "just right amount of goodness" in me to hunger for my creator? I might be new in this but this much I KNOW- HE put that hunger in there I did not.
I have a daughter. When she was little if she were to say" I am going to cross the busy street outside, it looks fun". I as a responsible parent would stop her no matter what it took because I know the danger there. She cannot see that danger.Are you saying that as a child of God that He will do any less for me? Knowing me from before the foundation of the world will He let me cross the street and say "ok, its your choice". If our God said "none shall pluck them out of my hand", I consider Rachel her biggest threat Why didn't He say "None but yourself"? Sorry for the rambling.