Driscoll by his own admission isn't a 5 point Calvinist.

What I find very strange is the fact that many such as Mohler would completely disagree with the 4 points that Driscoll wrote concerning New Calvinism.

I think R. Scott Clark makes a very good point, at least that way some of the things that New Calvinists are promoting in the name of Calvinism, couldn't legitamately be done in the name of Calvinism.

By the way, some are saying that John MacArthur is a New Calvinist. However, all one needs to do look at his writing concerning the movement and although he isn't as critical as Peter Masters. What he says is certainly not flattering.
One thing that really stands out is his writing against Driscoll.
I thought I would also add that I don’t think the movement will last all that long. There is a lot of disunity among the ranks between the more conservative and the more liberal.

Not sure that answers your question, but...