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My question is,"Are these people making headway in established churches or are they forming new churches or is all this just smoke and mirrors?"
I'm definitely unqualified to speak on how successful this movement is. I haven't taken nor read any Polls that would indicate if this is true or not. What I do see is new churches being formed vs. established churches throwing away biblical Calvinism and adopting the counterfeit New Calvinism, although doubtless there are certainly some that have and will. I also suspect that the appeal of New Calvinism is generally with younger (20-35) individuals with exceptions acknowledged.

Actually, the New Calvinism movement has only become popular lately but it has been around for more than 30 years. When I was at WTS (Philly) in the late 70s early 80s already C. John Miller was promoting this type of thing and established "New Life Presbyterian Church". It claimed to be Calvinist in its soteriology but contemporary in worship, etc. However, the literature that came from out of that church and from the pen of C. John Miller was not true Calvinism. His "gospel" tracts were nothing more than a re-write of Bill Bright's "Four Spiritual Laws".

As with all of these counterfeit movements, definitions of words are changed without making it known up front. Calvinism has a historic and long-standing definition both in literature but also as clearly understood in the Confessions, Catechisms and other church documents. These people think they can simply ignore that history and re-write definitions to suit their fanciful ideas of what Calvinism should be. Most basic is their assimilation with worldly philosophies and Calvinism. Put a drop of poison in a bucket of water and it becomes changed; so much so that it is deadly and proves to be fatal to anyone who drinks it (cf. Gal 5:7-9).

Lastly, Tom mentioned MacArthur and so did Peter Masters but from two different opinions. The problem I have with MacArthur is that there are people under his authority, working for his ministry who are openly embracing and promoting New Calvinism. Yet, one would be hard-pressed to find any indication that those individuals have been disciplined and/or dismissed from their positions. Then, there are those men who have been given MDiv degrees from The Masters Seminary who take positions as pastors in established churches and/or start new ones who are very open about their theological views, i.e., they are full-fledge promoters of the New Calvinism. A new church opened very close to me called Crossroads Church. The pastor is a graduate of The Masters Seminary. They state that they are Calvinists but subscribe to no Reformed confession. Additionally, they revel in their contemporary worship and state that the Bible has nothing to say about regulating worship. They have a statement on salvation which puts faith before regeneration, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Granted, John MacArthur cannot be held directly responsible for this 'pastor' and those like him that come out of The Masters Seminary. But, it would seem prudent to me that MacArthur should take a close look at what is being taught at that school. Are these men taught historic, conservative, confessional Calvinism; in their case the Baptist London Confession of Faith 1689? Or, is their a co-mingling of biblical truth with worldly ideas and practices being taught?

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