VI. Whom will He judge?

He shall judge all men, the living as well as the dead, the righteous as well as the wicked. He shall also judge the bad angels. Men are called the living or dead in respect to the state which precedes the judgment. Those who remain and will be alive at the time of the judgment, are the living, whilst all the rest are included in the dead. At the time of the judgment the dead shall be raised, whilst the living shall be changed, which change shall, as far as they are concerned, take the place of death; and so we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

Obj. But it is said, he that believeth on the Son shall not come in judgment. Therefore all will not be judged.

Ans. He that believes on the Son of God shall not come under the judgment of condemnation; but he shall come under that of acquittal. Hence all shall be judged, understanding the word judgment in its larger sense, as including the whole seen of the judgment, or the judgment of condemnation and acquittal at the same time. The judgment of the fallen angels will consist in the public declaration and aggravation of the decision already passed upon them.