Having read an article on the New Calvinism by E.S.Williams and presented at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, I felt very sad that the men involved with this movement are men I have held in very high repute, especially John Piper who is among my favorite preachers.
However, one of the chief characteristics of this movement is a total disregard for the regulative principle of worship especially with respect to the use of contemporary worship music (CWM) which also includes "holy hip-hop." Very sad indeed.
But help me to understand the Biblical rationale for this condemnation of CWM. I have two concerns:
1. All I seem to hear is "the music sounds wordly." Isn't this a matter of individual taste rather than a matter of Scripture? What in America is called "classic" may also "sound wordly" in my African context. Who judges what sounds worldly and what sounds godly?
2. I think that we are shooting ourselves in the leg when we condemn CWM. This is so because we planted its seeds by abandoning the historic Reformed position of non-instrumental music in worship. It is only the non-instrumental position which is truly a Biblical bulwark against CWM. Other arguments seem to me to be cultural preferences with no Biblical support.

Kindly help me understand.


A Debtor to Sovereign Grace