Most of the definitions I have seen online of so-called "hyper-Calvinism" would include Luther, Calvin, and John Gill. Phil Johnson's definition, for example, would condemn most of the classical Calvinists, including those who hold to a strict interpretation of the Westminster Standards, the Three Forms of Unity, and the Anglican Formularies.

Hyper-Calvinists do not believe in evangelism outside the church, etc. But most Primitive Baptists do not fit that description, although they do reject formal theological education and organized missionary societies. They also reject Sunday schools, which I disagree with as well.

But Primitive Baptists have a legitimate point that organizations are prone to degenerate into heresy. The mainline denominations and seminaries are evidence enough of that.

BTW, I'm not a fan of Cornelius Van Til. I follow the apologetics of the late Gordon H. Clark. His axiom was, "Scripture is the Word of God."



For "who has known the mind of the LORD that he may instruct Him?" But we have the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:16 NKJ)