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Only an Armnian could say that choice is synergistic. Regeneration is monergistic.

Therefore, God literally is the cause of the choice to become a Christian.

We can play ad hominem games all day long. But the bottom line here is you will need to define your terms.

If you mean by "choice" what Arminians call "libertarian free will", that is an uncaused choice that has no outside or internal determining factors, then you have no basis for morality, ethics, or human responsibility.

1. Agreed. Regeneration is monergistic.

2. Agreed. (see #1) However, God isn't the one who exercises the Spirit created faith due to regeneration. It is man who repents and believes upon Christ, would you agree?

3. The disparaging ad hominem games belong to you sir, "You are definitely not a Calvinist" is what you wrote, not me. grin

4. Agreed. I have never even hinted that the unregenerate man possesses "libertarian free will"! To the contrary, I have made it clear more than once that man is a "free agent" who is capable of making choices freely consistent with one's nature. The natural, unregenerate man is totally incapable of making any choice but sin due to his corrupt nature. (Gen 6:5, 8:21; Jer 17:9; Matt 15:19; Rom 3:10-19; et al) The regenerate man is capable of making choices which are sinful and which are godly, due to the new spiritual nature created in him by the Holy Spirit. I would refer you to Thomas Boston's magnum opus, Human Nature in its Four-fold State.

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