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Second of all, you seem to be completely ignorant of the fact that Clark asserted that faith is assent/belief. The faculty psychology to which you are appealing is not biblical. The soul, heart, mind are all one thing. Furthermore, the distinction between faith and trust is tautological. Faith and trust are the same thing so saying that trust is something required in addition to faith is saying nothing more than that faith requires faith or belief requires belief. Assenting to the doctrines of the Bible means that you not only understand them but that you also believe them. I understand many things that I do not believe. I understand Islam's basic doctrines but I do not believe them. To believe the Bible is the same thing as conversion. To understand the Bible is not conversion. Many atheists understand the Bible but do they believe it?

1. I am definitely not "ignorant of the fact that Clark asserted that faith is assent/belief". And this is the basis for my repeated question to you: Do you hold that faith is a simple assent to the truths of Scripture?... of which you still have not answered.

2. Faith is NOT synonymous with intellectual assent, but biblically, as Berkhof rightly elucidates in his Systematic Theology, and from which the June Article of the Month is taken, faith is fudicia, i.e., it involves the mind, affections and will; the entire man. One can embrace and defend with most vigor that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and all that it teaches yet be unregenerate/unconverted. May I suggest further study of Scripture vs. Gordon Clark on your part?

3. My contention is against Sandemanianism and all those who espouse it.

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