What on earth is going on???? When pastors lack accountability they will only seal their own demise.... May we all, no matter how learned, watch and be sober.... http://thewartburgwatch.com/2017/09...-surrounding-the-death-of-iain-campbell/

.....I've been in a church where the leaders acted as gods, and I know how leaders can abuse their power and cover-up attrocity....this is why the defensive, arrogant attempt to shut down descent or mere inquiry on display in this blog post (that helps fuel conspiracies of silence) drives me crazy.... The truth is, too many churches lack transparency and accountability..... You can't dodge proper consequences merely to prevent an incovenient outcome.... If I have sinned may I be willing to confess before God and man before any kind of investigation is warranted....we skirt discipline and public confession at the expense of the whole body ........


However, I guess this is a fair admission (I just fear the often exercised tendency to sweep these things under the rug outside the properly applied public scrutiny and outcry to come clean and hold the church truly accountable).... How shall it profit the celebrity pastor and those who provide cover to sacrifice their own souls? ........


Issuing a statement from the Western Isles Presbytery, Rev James Maciver, the minister of Stornoway Free Church, said: “The Western Isles Presbytery has completed a thorough investigation into serious allegations about the conduct of the late Rev. Dr Iain D Campbell prior to his death. The Presbytery has now sadly concluded that elements of Dr Campbell’s moral conduct were contrary to, and censurable by, the Word of God (Bible), and seriously inconsistent with that expected of a Christian minister.

“Following the investigation, each local Kirk Session has carried out appropriate disciplinary action, according to guidelines laid down in the Practice of the Free Church of Scotland. Bearing in mind that the Church has a duty of care to all parties, this has been carried out in private.

“The Presbytery will continue to consider how to bring this sad episode to a conclusion and what we may learn from it.

“The last few weeks have been a deeply distressing time for all concerned. The Presbytery would appeal to everyone within the Free Church of Scotland for unity and prayerfulness. The Presbytery wishes to particularly remember Iain’s wife, Anne, and the rest of the family. We urge the Church to pray for them, and for all those affected by recent tragic events, that God will provide comfort and healing for them.”


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