re: "1 day and night refers to one calendar day, a part of which is often counted as the whole. Christ would have been dead on Friday, Saturday, and early morning on the 1st day of the week (the Christian Sabbath), per Matthew 28, etc. Now, an example of this there is in the book of Esther which has been given to you and to which you haven't responded:"

I responded to the Esther account in post #50254.

re: "There is made mention of fasting 3 days, night and day. And yet verse 5 on the third day she has a banquet,"

3 days, night and day is not necessarily the same thing as 3 days and 3 nights; but even it is, nothing in the Esther account precludes at least a portion of 3 daytimes and at least a portion on 3 night times. Thus the account is not an example where a daytime or a night time was forecast or said to be involved with an event when no part of a daytime or no part of a night time could have been involved. Likewise, none of your commentators' quotes provide any such examples.