I am not sure how many will be interested; but I was just looking at the results and some comments made about it.

Here are the comments; to which I am in inclined to agree.

Not a word will be spoke about how I feel about WHO won the election last night as itís obvious where my vote went but I will comment on HOW they won. Everyone seriously has to open their eyes and have a look at how ridiculously slanted our electoral system is.

The party with the most votes and the most percentage of CANADIANS supporting them should win.

We are now legitimately being ran by a party who won a participation medal in the 2019 FEDERAL ELECTION. Because of how parliamentary seats are distributed, the runner up won. The votes of 240,642 tax paying Canadian citizens like you and I legitimately meant absolutely nothing.

Democracy is defined to be the control of an organization or group by the MAJORITY of its members and to be a practice of principles of social equality.

The MAJORITY did not win, and I guess thereís 240,642 reasons to believe that social equality has 2 different meanings according to Eastern and Western Canadaís Parliamentary seat distribution.

Imagine a hockey game where the team who scores the most goals STILL loses the game based solely on having less players sitting on the bench.

This is not democracy.


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