Thank you for your perspective; food for thought.
Another thing that bothers me about the Federal election, is how a party (PQ) that represents their own province Quebec, can run in a federal election. As far as I can tell, none of the other Provinces can have their own party running in the Federal election.
By the way, the day after the election within about 15 minutes at work, someone said to me. "I didn't think it was that possible to have so many idiots in one country."

I can definitely relate to that sentiment, because it is no secret how Trudeau is an embarrassment around the world. He has lied (SNC Lavalin controversy) and been found guilty in court about that lie and says there was nothing wrong with what he did. At the time, I remember how almost everybody said Trudeau needs to be gone.
Yet, when the election happens, although he lost his majority government; he still won.
There is an old saying, that goes something like:
In an election, we get exactly what we deserve.