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There has been a notable shift in both doctrine and life of the visible church over the past 50 years. And most of these shifts have been away from biblical truth; unfortunately not the embracing it and/or living it. One of those shifts has been in regard to the person and nature of God as He has revealed himself in the inspired, infallible, inerrant written Word. As with many of these separations from biblical truth, they are not brand new, although there have been a few, but rather they are morphs of older errors. Since the Devil is well-known to be a clever chameleon so as to disguise both his evil work as 'good', it shouldn't surprise anyone who has the Spirit dwelling and guiding them that he should attack one of the foundational doctrines of God and distort its teaching through men. Now, as I have often mentioned here and many other places throughout the years, errors that have been allowed to enter the life of the visible church are most always brought in through those who are theologians, professors, teachers and pastors of the church. The sheep, being sheep, too often embrace these errors without question rather than being like the Bereans which the apostle Paul commended (Acts 17:10,11).

Okay, so what is this subject/doctrine that has been brought into the visible church that I find so serious? It is known as "The Well-Meant Offer" or sometimes as "The Free-Will Offer"... of the Gospel. Put simply, this serious error states that God truly 'desires', 'wills' that all without exception be saved. And behind this error is the belief that God loves all mankind. Some will qualify this and say that God loves all men, but He has a special love for the elect. This also flows over to the atonement as well often stated as Christ died for all men but it is only effective for the elect. But that is another subject which has been thoroughly discussed and refuted for centuries, aka: Limited Atonement, Definite Atonement, Particular Redemption, etc. But this month's article exposes and refutes the now popular belief that it is God's most sincere desire and will that not one person be lost but that all, without exception, be saved.

I stand with the late Dr. John H. Gerstner and others who reject this pernicious error. Let Dr. Gerstner show you from Scripture why this fallacious teaching contradicts Scripture and poses a serious error and damage to the cause of Christ and the Gospel.

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