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Greetings! Welcome to the Discussion Board. grin

Just wondering if you would agree with the individual's statement you responded to when he wrote:

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Faith (evidence, substance) is a fruit of the Holy Spirit that causes saved people to believe.
The reason I ask is that this person either didn't communicate his thoughts clearly, or he actually believes that a person is saved first (how?) and consequently, i.e., after he/she is saved, then believes; expresses faith in Christ.

Oh, I should probably also ask you if you are privy to the actual The Highway website where all the books, articles, sermons, etc. are located? I ask because many find there way here without even realizing that the Discussion Board is but a small part of The Highway.
Hi Thanks for the welcome. I suppose you are asking me the question. I do believe that a person must be saved from the power of sin by a Sovereign work of the Spirit before they believe the truth. I believe 2 Thess 2:13 supports that.