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No I dont agree with him.
Okay, so what specifically do you not agree with Hendriksen's paraphrase?

FYI, Hendriksen held firmly to Sola Christus, by Christ alone. He also was unshakeable in his belief that salvation is ALL of God. Yes, the Trinity was active in every facet of the elect's salvation. However, it must be affirmed that the decree of God to save a remnant out of Adam's fallen race does not save anyone in and of itself. The salvation of those whom He predestinated is infallibly certain to be sure. The Son in the man Jesus did in fact by His passive obedience, i.e., His vicarious substitutionary death propitiate the wrath of God by receiving in Himself the punish due them legally, but again that death did not save anyone in and of itself, although His sacrifice did make the elect's salvation sure. And lastly, the Spirit efficaciously calls the elect, each in their determined time in history, regenerates them and brings them to Christ in whom they believe with saving faith. THIS is when the decree of the Father, the death of Christ is APPLIED and the active obedience of Christ; His perfect righteousness is imputed to them. And He, the Spirit preserves them to the end, working sanctification in them. No one is actually "saved" until that saving faith is exercised and the sinner is united to Christ. (cf. Gen 15:6; Rom 4:3; Gal 3:6; Jam 2:23)

Do you affirm this? OR, do you believe that justification is eternal or something else? scratchchin

Looking forward to your reply. grin

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