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Sorry, I fail to determine what it is exactly you disagree with in Hendriksen's paraphrase? scratch1

I also notice you didn't respond to the bulk of what I wrote. Nor, did you answer my question, "do you believe that justification is eternal or something else?"
I cant see why you didnt see it. I plainly disagreed with his statement:

We - Paul, Silas, and Timothy - cannot do otherwise than ceaselssly thank God for you (pl), brothers in the faith (who are the objects of God's special love), because in his sovereign, immutable election God from the beginning chose you to salvation - which is negatively, rescue from the guilt, pollution, and punishment of sin positively

I had already said that 2 Thess 2:13 Salvation is by the Spirits work. The Spirit doesnt save from the punishment of sin sir. He the Spirit didnt have the sins of the elect charged to Him so He would die for them.

Thats what i indicated I disagreed with.

Thats said, maybe all the time you wanted to find out my view on eternal justification. I trust i answered that .