I have now listened to sermons, read blogs and articles pro and com on this matter.
What I am finding is it is not as black and white as I previously thought.

For example, Joe Boot who believes in both Theonomy and One Kingdom Theology, also denies the Covenant of Works made with Adam.

There seems to be a disagreement on both sides on who represents their positions properly.

Augustine, Luther, Calvin, 1689 Federalists, Horton and Sproul were/are hold to Two Kingdom Theology. Some however, were so radical about their TKT, that it is hardly recognizable to many proponents of TKT and would reject their TKT outright.
I believe it is important to note, that although Calvin agreed with Luther and TKT, he never the less had a modified view of TKT. Luther actually took his cue from Augustine on TKT.

The same could also be said within the OKT camp.

It also seems that all Theonomists believe in OKT, yet not all those who hold to OKT are Theonomists.

I also found it interesting that Joe Boot, when defending Theonomy seemed to have a different form of Theonomy than people like Bahnsen, yet Joe Boot used people like Bahnsen to defend his position.

I have learned a lot, but found much of it to be quite confusing.


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