Actually what I was saying was just some general observations I have noticed. I do not have time to get into details at the moment.
I guess what started this for me, is a friend of mine has started listening to a broadcast at the Ezra Institute, which is a ministry of Joe Boot. Joe Boot holds to both Theonomy and One Kingdom Theology. He is also reading a book by Joe Boot on the subject.
Joe Boot also refers to people like Bahnsen as proof of Theonomy. However, he seems to define Theonomy different than Bahnsen would.
I really have very little knowledge of Kline, or for that matter the OPC.
I have traced TKT mainly to Augustine and Luther later. It also seems that Calvin modified the views of Luther.
I am presently been involved in an e-mail conversation with a man named Brandon Adams from 1689 Federalism, which is a ministry that I have been following for quite some time. We have mainly been dealing with Joe Boot and his form of OKT.
Some time ago, studying the issue of Theonomy (as described by Bahnsen) I was able to see that Theonomy is not compatible with 1689 Federalism. http://www.1689federalism.com/1689-federalism-theonomy/
I believe that our view of the covenants informs our view of God’s kingdom/s, on that I found the following link to be helpful. https://www.sermonaudio.com/search....amp;keyworddesc=Truth+and+Current+Issues
Just to be clear, I know you do not hold to the 1689 LBCF, so you will not agree with some of what is said.
I am not a big Wikipedia fan, however what they said here concerning the views of both Martin Luther and John Calvin’s on Two Kingdom Theology, seem to jive with what I have been finding.