Well, as I see it looking at this situation briefly and perhaps admittedly superficially, a Christian has 3 options of which only one is legitimate and acceptable:

1. Go along with the PC and Cancel Culture pagans and never admit to what you 'really' believe to anyone but your closest friends. Of course, there is always the danger of one of your 'friends' being a Brown Shirt and reporting you to the PC police. From a biblical perspective, if one would take this path, then the more pressing matter is to examine oneself to see if they are really in the faith, i.e., regenerate. (Rom 8:5-10; 12:1,2)

2. Keep silent when asked about such 'taboo' subjects, or lie and pretend you are in agreement with the current godless agenda. You will go through any educational institution regardless whether they openly allow free speech and mature discussion on the 'forbidden' subjects or not. That way you will get the accredited degree and have an open door in the employment market. nono

3. Don't get all hung up on "accreditation". You would still get a degree from the college or university if it refused to comply to these pagan rules and therefore lost their accreditation standing. Simply put, the degree wouldn't be recognized by a secular accredited academic institution if you desired to do post graduate work. And,. I would like to think that many employers are looking for qualified candidates regardless of their educational source. The ones which are deemed "prestigious" and desire those who received degrees from the Ivy League schools, e.g., Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Georgetown, etc. are usually not places a Christian would want to work anyway given that such places have no place for anyone with morals or ethics. igiveup

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simul iustus et peccator

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