Pretty much the way I see this as well.

Of course humanly speaking the Cancel Culture gets their wish because Christian institutions who choose to obey God, rather than men end up closing anyway.

What really bothers me in Canada, is our Charter of Rights and Freedoms is definitely being violated. Where as so far Churches like John MacArthur's in California, so far have won all their court battles based on the US Constitution; in Canada it as though the government could care less about the very Constitution that they were sworn into office to uphold.

A good Christian friend of mine and I were talking about elections this morning. We discussed how normally both of us usually vote for the Conservative Party and he is actually a member of the Conservatives. The Conservatives however, are weak kneed and are afraid to take a stand on these matters.

The only party that seems willing to do that is the Peoples Party of Canada, who I understand does not have chance. However, the way I am looking at this is if enough people get fed up with all the other parties, perhaps the People's Party will gain strength.
That party I believe is being painted as far right racists, etc...

Just thought I would add a link on the People's Party of Canada, that a friend sent me.


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