I am hearing some rumblings in B.C. Canada that the government is trying to make more people comply with getting the Covid-19 Vaccine. This includes approaching businesses and making it mandatory to get the vaccine if you want to work.
Today, I was talking to a manager friend at work who was visibly upset. There are rumblings of this, because the ownership is considering these things.
My manager friend is an anti-vaxer who says he does not know what to do, because he is not at a point where he can afford to lose his job.

When it comes to the vaccine, I am a “wait and see” person. Who is not against vaccines, because I am old enough to remember things like Polio. However, like some of my friends, with everything else that is happening (Cultural Marxism), I have reason to suspect the government.

However, most people I know including Reformed Christians have bent the knee to the government already. I have a Reformed friend, who was in training in a Reformed Church to become an elder. However, because of their stand, which basically is against the stand that John MacArthur takes, he gave up his membership.

Kind of hard to know the best way to handle all this.