I was just sent the following from a friend, I think they got my vote.

'The People's Party of Canada' is the only party in Canada that is fighting against:

Vaccine Passports
Sex-Selective Abortions
Pushing radical transgender ideology on kids
Far left woke craziness
Violation of our fundamental rights

The party's leader Maxime Bernier has been touring the country and he has been openly speaking out against all this craziness.

I just pray that the Lord keeps him strong through all this; because he sure must be under enormous pressure.
When the Premier of Alberta was first elected, he promised to do some of these very things and at first he looked like he was trying. However, I heard he was pressured by his own party and now seems to one of the worst Premiers in Canada.
Come to think about it; the worst premiers in Canada, seem to be from the Conservative Party, despite the fact other Premiers are from parties further to the left.