I do not trust them either.
One thing I am noticing is that there seems to be scientists and physicians on both sides of the debate (Christian and non-Christian}. To the average person it is very hard to know the truth and that is setting family and friends against each other.
In my own family, every time there is a spike in Covid cases, the government imposes new lockdown measures. Family members that are completely for vaccines, blame it on those who are not fully vaccinated, knowing fully well, that the others are not vaccinated.
They are not even interested in hearing the other side of the debate, because they believe the other side have been influenced by "conspiracy theorists".
I need to be honest, I nearly lost it the other day, when a family member shoved their belief in my face. Believe me, they were not polite about it either.

I know that it is a waste of my time to say anything, but how can a possibly remain quiet when they obviously are being disrespectable to me?


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