I think this thread needs updating. So much is going on now that can only be seen as very disturbing. I am just not getting over Convid myself. Kinda been like a bad cold. I actually also had it in Jan. 2020. Before it was officially announced. Was very, very sick. All the symptoms. Loss of smell etc. But I believe that I now have natural immunity. I will not take the vaccine. Except for 3 weeks April of 2020, I have worked continually in the public. Without ending up in a hospital. I only am concerned that eventually I will lose my job because I won't take the vaccine. I at least have Social Security now. But I feel for those with kids and house payments. After all this time, and if one has not gotten Convid yet, why worry now and take the jab? My kids want me to take it. But I resist.

The demonstrations all over the world now against mandates is amazing to me. But the loss of freedom to work and even participate in normal social events is hanging over all of our heads. All over the world. This is a time to really do self examination. And to examine how much we as individual Christians take seriously the call to evangelize. Time is short. Even the freedom to speak out loud in public is being threatened in some places. For fear of spreading convid, with a mask and social distancing even. The leaders are nuts. But mandating NO SPEECH in public is a sure way that Satan would love to use to stop evangelism. What to do? Trust and stay in the Word and spread the gospel as never before. I am totally convicted of my pitiful attempts. But God has really brought that to my heart, to just do it!

When I moved here to Colorado 4 years ago, it was very difficult to find a good church. I found one that is very faithful to preaching the Word and is reformed Baptist. But with Convid my church moved services south east of where they were and at the same time I happened to move farther west. It's a challenge to go in the winter. But I know that the Lord has a reason for it.

Anyway, please update thoughts on the current situation regarding mandates and loss of freedoms, and jobs and the importance of spreading the Gospel.

Jude 3
...contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.