Dialogues with unbelievers over doctrine can actually be dangerous to ourselves and also sin.

A while back I learned from a man, Dean Gotcher of Authority Research about the dangers of dialogues with unbelievers on scripture/doctrine. Eve dialogued with Satan, bad move. She became deceived. Because she ended up questioning God's Word and also mishandled or twisted what God said.

In Matthew chapter 4 the exchange between Satan and Jesus has Jesus simply, correctly, quoting scripture, to refute Satan. Big difference.

With the ones that are in my life, who are unsaved, I do not ever discuss those 'political' hot topics. Because it's rooted in spiritual deception anyway. They don't get it.

The real problem is that my loved ones are not saved. So there can be no understanding of what I might say to them regarding for instance, the stand that even supposed Christians are now taking regarding abortion, homosexuality, or any other morality issue that is embraced by an unbeliever.

I find that it's important to pray always for those that I love and are deceived. I pray constantly for their regeneration and salvation. God's timing is not mine. It's hard to watch the deceived ones you love promote deception and lies.

But pray always, and look for or wait for those opportunities to share the gospel. You can only plant seeds or water those seeds. If you get to reap a harvest know that every false belief will be taken care of, as the Holy Spirit teaches and leads them into truth.
I see the embracing of false theology or 'political' abhorrent beliefs as symptoms. Its a symptom of spiritual deadness or at least of a weak and ignorant believer.
Pray always.

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Jude 3
...contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.