I have no idea; yet I imagine Jeopardy has their sources. One of the reasons I watch that show, is because of how intelligent many of the contestants are.
The reason why I put this here, is not only did I think it was a change of pace for the board; I thought if anyone knew the answer, I would find it here.

I did find a few links concerning Nero and the "AntiChrist.
Here is a section from one link.

Nero also possesses the attributes of the Antichrist in the Sibylline Oracles, a collection of Jewish and Christian apocalyptic verses attributed to the prophecies of the ancient Sibyl, who identifies herself as a native of Babylon (III.786; also Lactatius, Divine Institutes, I.6) and a daughter (or daughter-in-law) of Noah (III.808ff). In Oracle V, which dates to the late first or early second century AD, Nero has become a resurrected and demonic power symbolic of Rome, itself. "One who has fifty as an initial [the Hebrew letter "N"] will be commander, a terrible snake [the serpent or dragon], breathing out grievous war....But even when he disappears he will be destructive. Then he will return declaring himself equal to God" (V.28ff). Here, Nero is manifested as the Antichrist, "that man of sin [lawlessness]...who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God...shewing himself that he is God" (II Thessalonians II.3-4).

The Sibyl presents Nero both as king of Rome (Oracle V, 138ff) and the means of God's retribution in destroying it (365). A matricide and megalomaniac, who presumed to cut through the isthmus of Corinth and was perceived as responsible for the destruction of the Jewish Temple in AD 70, Nero "will come from the ends of the earth" (363) as a champion of the East and an instrument of God's punishment. He will overthrow tyrants and "raise up those who were crouched in fear" (370) before falling in a final battle against the West. Then there will be peace and "no longer will anyone fight with swords or iron or with weapons at all" (382ff). In this expectation, as in Oracle IV (119ff, 1137ff) and Oracle VIII (70ff, 153ff), one perceives the hope raised by the False Neros among the oppressed provinces of the East.

The Christian poet Commodian (fl. AD 260) also writes of the Antichrist, when Nero will return from hell.

Also: https://www.cambridge.org/core/book...e-bible/27CD4655FAB046EDFF62599BC051DE62

From what I am gathering, Nero has been considered to be the "AntiChrist by many throughout history; but there have been many candidates for that title throughout history. Perhaps, because of the persecution many Christians went through from the hands of Nero, it would be understandable for many of the early Christians to believe that.


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