There is nothing scientific about what I am about to say.
It is just an observation, that makes me curious if others are finding the same thing.

I was thinking about my own life and family, friends and acquaintances, I know who take the same
position I do against government overreach.

What I have noticed is every single family member that is Charismatc takes the very same position I do against vaccine mandates and government overreach.
Contrast that to many of my own friends and family who are Reformed and I find it quite shocking. Even my former Reformed Baptist Church, is opposed to my position on Romans 13 grounds; causing a Church split. I was shocked that my old pastor takes the position he does on the subject.

Among the people who left my old Church is a good friend, who was in training to become and elder there. For a while he went against his conscience and submitted to the other elders. Yet after his wife was rebuked by an elder for hugging someone, that became the straw that broke the camels back.
He started speaking his mind and was disciplined for it. He stopped his elder ship training first and after a while, he repented and left the Church, because he felt like a hypocrite.
He recently shared with me a pre-Covid sermon one of the elders preached on Romans chapter 13, that shows they did an about face on their understanding of the chapter.

A common example is , many Reformed people and pastors I know believe that regardless of whether or not the government has made mistakes through all this, we can not know for sure if they are acting on everybody’s best interest or not. Therefore we must obey them; because that is loving your neighbour.

That seems to be the majority position among most Churches, Reformed or otherwise.