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I am motivated to add, that the converse is also true. Ministers of the Church may not and thus cannot preach politics from the pulpit, i.e., for corporate worship. They are to preach the Scriptures ONLY and make application of it. IF, however, an Elder desires to discuss, lecture, inform members and/or visitors about political issues, this is permissible, but it must be done separate from the official corporate worship of God on the Sabbath... IMO!!

As you may or may not know, in Canada with the passing of Bill C-4, Churches across the USA and Canada in a united effort to speak to this issue decided to take take away from their regular preaching schedule to speak on what the Bible says about the creation of men and women and biblical sexuality from the Bible. This was done January 16th 2022.
One of the main people who were involved on this issue is John MacArthur.

An example from Bill C-4, that this was designed to address is the section from Bill C-4 that stated that the view that states that there are only two genders, is a dangerous myth. (from memory).
The Gospel Coalition came out against Churches becoming involved in this, mainly because they said that it is dangerous to get homosexuals mad. Rather according to them (I believe wrongly) they said there is nothing in the language that shows pastors can be convicted of hate crimes.

Do you believe these Churches are correct to preach this, "on the Lord's day"?