What a so-often-missed advantage it is to be short of realizing that everything a believer thinks, says and does is used “for good” to him (Rom 8:28). Evil is seen and used to contrast and manifest that only God is good (Mat 19:17). His goodness is witness against unbelievers, and blessing to the saved (Deu 30:19)! When disappointment seems to be surmounting, it can be lessened by reckoning it a blessing (comes with practice). What is there to discourage, seeing all is used for blessings “to those who love God.”

His blessings come not from our ways but of His love, and never curses—only loving chastisements, which are to be remembered all is “for our profit, that we might be partakers of His holiness;” which never “seems to be joyous, but grievous,” resulting in “the peaceable fruit of righteousness” (Heb 12:10, 11).

God does not curse what He blesses, nor bless what He curses; it can’t be both! Therefore be encouraged, especially when the need is the greatest. “Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down” (Heb 12:12), and “Rejoice in the Lord always” (Phl 4:4). The only unnecessary weights which remain in our walk are the “cares” which we do not entrust or “cast on Him” (1Pe 5:7).

I’ve found that one of the most sustaining exhortations lies within us realizing that God knows our desires are ever to please Him, regardless of the trip-ups from self, Satan and society; and often this triune-opposition attempts instilling guilt upon our wrongs, though they are—since our rebirth—never our intentions (Phl 2:13), only sources of remorse (repentance).

God bless, and God be blessed!

The Christian life is not our living a life like Christ, or our trying to be Christ-like, nor is it Christ giving us the power to live a life like His; but it is Christ Himself living His own life through us; 'no longer I, but Christ.’” -MJS